Have your cake and drink beer, too.

Introduction and Welcome

“I’m going to get a KitchenAid Mixer when I get married or when I graduate”


I figured those would be two monumental points in my life in which I could justify spending mass amounts of money on a kitchen appliance.

I’ve even tried winning one via Twitter this past Spring. At least I won a runner-up prize of tickets to the Senior PGA Championship game.


Caption: “Im a GradStudent & baker that dreams of KitchenAid. Loans wake me up”

Pretty clever if you ask me. I should have won.

However, as a single woman who is about a year and a half away from graduating, it seemed like the latter was going to be the deciding moment of when I was to live my adulthood dream of cooking in style.

Until Christmas 2016.

A large and heavy box was under the tree. My father complimented me on my heavy lifting –in which I contributed to my awesome body mechanics. A simple “WOAH” was the only word that could leave my mouth before the tears flowed and the nausea set in. My mother said she had wanted to get me one after finishing my bachelors degree but decided to pitch in for my travel fund instead. Here I was two years later, opening the confidence and love of my parents to finish my graduate degree, painted in candy apple red.

So where does that leave me? To have it sit on my countertop for fashionable purposes?? OR TO USE WHAT I HAVE BEEN GIFTED?!


Join me this year for [hopefully] a weekly blog as I explore different recipes with my new mixer, take some adventurous steps with beer, and share a little of my life with you.




Special thanks:

Thank you to my great pals Emily and Zak for the encouragement and help in the development of this website. Our poop-group makes life so much easier. Lady O for life. 


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