Beerios with Devil Dog by Roak Brewing Co.

The first Beeriment…. Beerxperiment… Beexperiment…. Is here!! (I will work on that later)


CEREALE (thanks Jamie)


Specifically… BEERIOS!

Disclaimer #1: I’m not an expert at beer nor the specific terms used with beer. I do know I enjoy drinking it. I hope to learn specific terms as I write more posts, but for now, let’s beer kind!


Not being in Beer City, USA has left me in a drought. Thankfully, I have good friends who will happily enjoy a brew with me, and even better, experiment with beer!


One evening I desperately texted one of my fellow beer-drinkers and he said I could swing by. As a lover of my baked goods, I figured ME would adventure in beerland with me if I supplied the goods. I haven’t seen ME since the Woodward Dream Cruise this past summer but there was no time to catch up because I was too excited to try beerios for the first time. I have been talking to Em and Zak (briefly mentioned in 1st post) about trying them together for a long time but none of us live in the same city and one of us out of state.


Now, when I was shopping, I figured I would get a circular cereal that has a neutral taste. I was going to go for the multigrain name brand because it’s my favorite. FAFSA told me I needed to buy the store brand. I ended up with some sorry-looking circular cereal that I will be returning under my 100% satisfaction guarantee.



Now. For the REAL important part. THE BEER. I was specifically looking for a stout for my pick-6 selection. I ended up with Devil Dog, an oatmeal stout, handcrafted by Roak in Royal Oak, MI. I am not a huge fan of stouts, mostly because they are too “creamy” for me. Stouts generally take my mind to the first time I had Dragon’s Milk by New Holland Brewing Co. which is way too rich for my taste. I politely declined Dragon’s Milk after my first sip. However, this stout was MUCH more tolerable! I actually enjoyed it! It had a smooth aftertaste and went down easily. Not bitter, not sweet, a hint of oats, a cup of delicious.


Step 1: Open beer

Step 2: Pour cereal

Step 3: -pictures pictures pictures-

Step 4: Pour buur


It actually looked appetizing. I would tell you to close your eyes as I describe this, but you need to read somehow…


The cereal crackled like a warm fireplace and shifted around in the bowl just as snow does when a bunny hops through the freshly fallen powder. The aroma of the oatmeal stout gently filled the air with a promise of a delicious meal. The choir of cereal sang sweet hymns of praise for they were about to be enjoyed with the stout-iest of milks.


Please open your eyes again.


It was ACTUALLY good. The first seven bites were actually good. I am all for soggy cereal, but soggy cereale was too much beer for my liking. The oats in Devil Dog complimented the oat cereal very well and added depth to my palate. I drink almond milk, which the viscosity is lower than moo-milk. This reminds me of drinking cereal with almond milk because it is not as thick and flows down my goozle well. <– does anyone else’s grandmother say “goo-zle” for your throat/esophagus?


ME said it best when he described the experience as “eating cereal with soda.”

Maybe if you try this combination you would agree with MR who said it was, “sweet with a bite.”




As the beerios began to get soggy, ME took over and ate more than I did. He didn’t complain and explained that the beer was finally soaking in so he could taste it more.


Overall it was a good experience. I feel like every beer-lover should try this one day. Whether you try it for breakfast on St. Patrick’s day, or try it for fun with friends you haven’t seen in a while, I highly recommend!


I think I’m going to issue a report card for this…


Beer: A-

This beer can easily serve as my gateway to a world of stouts that I have always avoided. It reminds me of a porter, but with “milky” characteristics. I love porters, therefore this beer was good in my book!


Cereal: C-

Get a cereal you trust. I’m not going to even tell you what kind I got. Just look at the photos and see how nasty it looks.


Beerios: B+

I enjoyed the combination. Especially for my first time doing this. It was a good toe-in-the-water for what my 2017 future will hold. I did not like the soggy cereal. After those seven bites it seemed like there were more “hops” in my spoonful than before. I dunno.




If you have any recommendation for me, for cereal or beer, feel free to leave a comment! Thanks for reading! Let me know if you try any kind of cereale!


Disclaimer #2: I tried Dragon’s Milk before I started appreciating beer. Willing to try again.

Disclaimer #3: I wasn’t paid to try this beer or cereal. Just doing what I wanna do fo’ free. If someone does want to pay me, that’s cool too.


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