Homemade Butter

Dear world, stop substituting margarine for butter.

What a week!


I started my new clinical rotation for physical therapy this past Monday. I am quick to admit that outpatient therapy is not my first choice for my future work site. However, I may be led there one day, especially if I want to pursue women’s health. Right now I am working in an inpatient rehabilitation setting (patients must tolerate 3 hours of therapy a day, 7 days a week, until discharged). I love it. I feel that this could be a setting I could work in. I love working with nurses and occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and physiatrists. It is fun to be able to journey to other parts of the hospital and see what is going on there, to see how we all work separate yet together, and to hear the music over the loud-speaker when a new child is born.

It has been a great week learning my strengths and weaknesses. I am more confident now than during my first rotation. My clinical instructor even gave me the task of coming up with a treatment plan and I was able to implement the treatment today! She let me get the patient out of bed, solo, take the daily walk, and instruct her through all my new exercises I came up with. It is always fun when your instructor trusts you enough to take care of patients, especially so soon.


During the work week I am living with my grandmother. She turned 90 today! This time away from home means that Eleanor and I have to cook on the weekends.


Last weekend we made butter!


This past semester I was spending some time test driving at car dealerships for gift cards. I received a $50 to Amazon and my father said I should spend it on anything I want. What did I decide on? A butter churn.


I never did buy that butter churn.


Turns out you can make butter in your stand mixer! It was super easy and took less than five minutes. I have only been using it on my morning toast (my favorite – cranberry walnut) but I am sure it tastes good in everything and anything you use butter in.



So listen. It’s simple. You use (heavy) whipping cream just as you would with homemade whipped cream EXCEPT you do not chill the bowl and the beaters. You leave the cream on the counter until room temperature. The cream never reached “whipped-cream-consistency” but instead separated and looked weird.  Sorry I didn’t get a photo at this point. I drained out the buttermilk  (seen in picture below on the left) and changed my attachment to the flat-paddle-thing. The butter quickly formed and voila. BUTTAH.




I have a few ideas for flavored butter if you want to veer that route. I recommend Googling all the possibilities – they’re endless. My favorite is cinnamon and brown sugar!

I hope you enjoy the recipe and I hope you like the new logo I have for the site. It may change a little soon, we will see. My friend Hari designed it. His information is at the very bottom of the page. Bottom right. See it? Good. Welsh men are talented!



Homemade Butter Using a Stand Mixer


Whipping cream (heavy or normal)

Salt (optional)

Ice water

Additional items for flavored butter


You will need:

Strainer/sieve/cheese cloth

Stand mixer

Storage container/parchment paper/wax paper

Large spoons



  1. Keep cream on counter until room temperature is reached
  2. Place in mixing bowl and turn mixer on medium high
  3. If your cream starts to separate into milk and “solids”, drain off the milk into a strainer or cheese cloth to a separate container
  4. (I changed my attachment at this time) Continue to mix until solid forms. Drain milk as needed
  5. Once solid is formed, you may stop mixing. You can also continue to mix to get whipped butter
  6. Add in salt here if you choose.
  7. To ensure that all the buttermilk is out, press against the side of the bowl with large spoons. You can choose to squeeze out the milk in the cheesecloth until none comes out, or you can transfer to ice water and press the butter against the sides of the bowl. This is meant to draw out any more liquids. If the water becomes cloudy, pour out water and refill with more ice water. Repeat until water is clear.
  8. Store in container, or roll up like a stick of butter in wax or parchment paper. May last at room temperature for up to 10 days, or in the refrigerator up to three weeks.
  9. Store the buttermilk in refrigerator and use in other recipes!


One pint of cream = approx. one stick of butter


Add-ins if you choose!



Cinnamon & brown sugar

Oregano – Basil – Salt – pepper

Preserved fruit

Cocoa powder

… the possibilities are endless!





My heart has also been heavy in my chest for my friend J. If for some reason you are reading this, know that I love you and if I know anything about you, it’s that you’re a fighter. 


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