Pizza Dough

(I asked my friend if I could say that. He said if I want to be corny. I do.)

Have you ever wanted pizza so bad before bed that you dreamed about pizza all night?

Have you ever overloaded your pizza with so many toppings that you couldn’t pick it up without toppings falling everywhere?

Have your friends ever asked what you had for dinner but then interrupt by saying “Oh wait. I bet it was pizza”


Well. All of those apply to me. If you’re an enthusiast about the cheesy, delicious, Italian-born goodness that is baked in the oven that is not lasagna or eggplant parmesan (let’s save those for another day), then this is for YOU.


One thing I love about pizza is that you can use any leftovers you have and make it into a pizza/calzone/Stromboli. I have used chicken, red cabbage, green cabbage, pulled pork, BBQ sauce, the possibilities are endless.


Another reason I love pizza is because it is customizable. Add what you want, don’t what you don’t. Make it crispy, make it a sandwich. You’re the star. This also makes writing the directions hard. Sorry.


There is something about any bread/dough product that is made with yeast that warms my soul. This recipe does not require that you let the dough rise. You can start working with the dough and bake after the dough takes a 5 minute nap. Perfect amount of time for you to assemble your toppings.


One of my favorite parts of the process is when I mix the water with the dry ingredients. The perfect temperature of water is key so you don’t kill the yeast. The smell of dough rises up toward your nares and you can’t help but get excited!


My brother made a calzone (left)

Second best part. Kneading the dough. From a young age I always enjoyed playing in the food I am cooking. I always needed to get my hands into whatever I was cooking, even if it was easier for a spoon. Although my stand mixer has the “ability” to “knead” my dough for me, I can’t miss out on such an awesome opportunity to release stress.


Anyway. It’s simple. Garnish with you favorite toppings and enjoy a pizza in less than 45 minutes from start to end. Bake your crust before topping to have a crispier crust. Get wild with your toppings. Decide to fold your crust and make a calzone. Perhaps get twisty and roll up for a Stromboli-like dinner (or snack. Let’s be honest).


Homemade Pizza Dough


2 c all-purpose flour +extra for a floured surface

1 packet of yeast

1 t sugar

1/2 t salt

2/3 c warm water (110-120 degrees F)

1 T olive oil


Heat oven to hot. I say that loosely. I shoot for between 400 and 450.

  1. Mix together 1 c flour, yeast, sugar, salt.
  2. Mix warmed water and oil into dry mixture.
  3. Add in up to 1 c of flour to create a dough
  4. Flour countertop and knead dough until elastic (about 1-2 minutes. Or play around with it for an extra minute. I do sometimes)
  5. Let sit for 5 minutes while you prepare toppings.
  • you can choose to let dough rise here. I have let it sit while I run errands for an hour before. It is good either way —


This next part is where the creativity begins. I generally line my pan with parchment paper next and transfer my dough directly to the parchment paper. I then put oil on my fingers and push out the dough until it is the size and thickness of my liking. You can roll it out on a floured surface if you want, instead. You could also not use parchment paper and directly put it on a sheet (HIGHLY recommend a nonstick surface or spraying first).


If you want crispier crust, put crust in oven on your cooking sheet and bake for 5 minutes.

Don’t want crispy crust? Don’t bake it first.


Before you put toppings on, spread a fine layer of olive oil over your crust first so any sauce does not sink in first.


Honestly, I have never timed how long it takes for pizza to be done. I pretty much sit at the oven door, staring through the glass until it is ready. I think 10-15 minutes. Will depend on how hot your oven is.




What are some of my favorite combinations? LET ME TELL YOU! Note: when I put spinach on pizza, I put it BELOW the cheese. It won’t burn this way!


Red sauce, spinach, onion, jalapeno, mozz (maybe feta or goat!), tomato

^^ Red cabbage is good on pizza, too! Peppers are delicious


BBQ Sauce, onion, chicken, mozz and cheddar cheese, sweet peppers


Pepp & bacon.


Mac & cheese and bacon (cook both items before assembling pizza)


Enjoy ya pizza!!

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