Winter Shandy with Roaka Cadabra by Roak Brewing

“Don’t stop. Never give up. Hold your head high and reach the top” – S Club 7.

Well ladies and gents, I am back! Back in the classroom, back in Beer City, and back at my home away from home.


It feels SO GOOD to be back!

Finishing writing this post from one of my many frequented coffee shops

Why am I excited to be back? Mainly because no one questions what I eat! I don’t know why my eating style was such a topic when I am on the East side of the state but I was asked at least once a day, especially by my grandmother. I stayed with her these past 6 weeks and every morning without fail she always questioned what I was eating and offered her opinion on it. Mind you I only ate toast or cereal for breakfast…


My biggest accomplishment so far: I put flannel sheets on my bed and flipped my mattress! BEST idea ever! I have been sleeping like a baby.


Moving on.


It is fun to be in a profession that is focused on staying healthy through physical movement. The only not-fun part of it is that my classmates are very sporty. We had a party outside today since it was nice and played Kan Jam, Spike Ball, bocce ball, and had a volleyball, Frisbee, and football for fun. I’m terrible at it all, but I try!! It is really embarrassing but luckily my classmates are polite and help me.

I live with three my classmates so another reason it is good to have sporty classmates is that we do active things together. We started following each other on Map My Run and we get updates when someone logged in a workout. My incentive to work out: Knowing that my roommates will see that I ran. Even if it is one or two miles to the four or five they accomplish almost daily.


I decided to run to the bicycle shop today because I needed some material for a basic repair. 2 miles there and 2 miles back. That calls for a reward, right?! I always see that some official runs offer a free beer after so I decided to make my own version of this winter shandy featured on The Chew a couple weeks (months) ago.



The beer: Roaka Cadabra By ROAK Brewing. It is a Belgian style spiced brown ale. My second ROAK beer, and I remain impressed. It is a nice brown beer with a gentile spiced taste. I think that was a fun part about it is that the spice is a nice undertone to the beer. The color is a muddy kind of color, which made the winter shandy look funny, but the taste was still good! I used it chilled. 6.6% ABV and 30 IBUs. So you know, this is a seasonal beer!



So this is another random recipe. Sorry. I guess this is the kind of style of life I live. I made this for my roommates, and even the one who does not like beer said that this was good and that the cinnamon was a game changer. The two who do enjoy beer said that it was a welcomed drink and they couldn’t taste the beer, but everything complimented each other well.


It looked funny when all mixed together, but it tasted good! I recommend making the drink then waiting a little. A weird bubbly head formed when I poured the beer in, then it settled down. Not sure about the science but I liked it better without the bubbles. I think we can settle with the fact that sometimes things on this blog aren’t perfect. But as S Club 7 says, “Try not to worry ’bout a thing, enjoy the good things life can bring.”


Celebratory drink after a run well done!

Winter Shandy.. Kind of… Sure why not.


Adapted from The Chew


Made three 10 oz drinks… or so…


¼ c fresh lemon juice

1 c lemonade – I used crystal light

Dash of cinnamon

1 bottle of Roaka Cadabra

Apple for garnish



Divide lemonade into three cups, add no more than 1 tsp of lemon juice per cup, and add a dash of cinnamon. Stir!

Divide bottle of beer into three cups

Garnish with apple slices.

-I recommend waiting a little. Do what you want. I don’t think the drink is pleasing looking. I guess this recipe could be developed more. It is delicious, however. Should I remind you about the “Ugly Step-Child” chocolate cake from my post about my chocolate stout layer cake? Weird looking, but delicious.





You guys. I had WAY to much trail mix. Two cups of trail mix. Help.



If you’re still reading, want to know an embarrassing story? I thought S Club 7 was Australian until 2014. I guess I understood accents poorly? I’m not sure. I found out in my British friend’s kitchen while she was cooking for me and another American. My life has forever been changed. In addition, I would like to discuss why  the Brits call overalls, dungarees, but maybe we should save that conversation for later…

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