Math Flops and Muffin Tops

Where math doesn’t make you cry and muffin tops are accepted.

I actually used math skills in the real world

Pam spray really works

We’re having weird weather

I think you can just forward my mail to the gym because I live there

I just want someone to cook dinner for me


And thank you for reading!

Those are all my thoughts for this windy day. Come back next time!

In all reality, which I am entirely unsure of right now, things are going well(?). As my grandpa use to say, “I got up and knew who I was” when you asked him how he is doing/how has his day been. I think that is about the status of life.


I’ve been passively working on a presentation, case study questions, and choosing my list for future clinical rotations all week. Not a lot of urgency this semester, which is really strange.


Let’s start talking from the top!!


I wanted to make muffins! I could not find the tried-and-true recipe I have used in the past (BEST muffins but half a pound of butter is involved) so I needed something else. I went with a King Arthur’s Flour (KAF) recipe. I have been using their recipes a lot to help guide my baking. I love that they have a helpline. The bakers there will answer any question about a recipe you have. Last time I used one I asked why I used room temperature water with yeast. Normally you use water that is around 120 degrees.


This recipe called for a little over 2 cups of flour and this was more than I was interested in baking. I wanted half the recipe. I recalled that I received an email from the company a while ago about how to PROPERLY cut recipes down, or add to, appropriately.


It’s called baker’s percentage


KAF says to use the weight of the flour as the 100% and everything else is a percentage of that weight in grams (so you will need a scale. Or a handy conversion chart).


It took a little time, but I think I got it down. It wasn’t that hard.


Story time?

            I’m working toward my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Took two math courses in undergrad. You think I should be semi-good at math, yeah? This past summer in my statistics course I did a homework question wrong and I ended up getting less than a 50% on the assignment. As my professor was explain what I did wrong and I just sat there and cried. It wasn’t a loud one, but silently, the floodgates from Hurricane Katrina opened from my eyes and I couldn’t control myself. He was an awkward little man and didn’t know how to handle it. He kept talking, then wrote me a note later that read something along the lines of “Keep asking questions. You’re going to get it.”

I cried through the rest of the class because I still had no idea what I was doing.


One B+ later and I am working my way through baking with math!


Interested in learning? Feel free to use the KAF Directions but I think I made it more simple here…

If you don’t want to learn, you can really stop here. Have a great weekend!!

The original recipe kind of reads as follows:

  • 269g unbleached all purpose flour
  • … other dry ingredients…
  • 57g unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 149g to 174g granulated sugar*
  • …wet ingredients…
  • 213g blueberries, fresh or frozen
  • coarse white sparkling sugar for garnish (optional)


KAF Allows you to switch between volume, ounces, and grams. We want grams! They also have this lovely sheet that gives you ingredient weight conversions if recipes only use volume.


Flour is the 100%. We want to see how much each ingredient is part of the whole.

Note for below: Flour is 269 grams in this recipe. Each of the weights below are what they are in the recipe.

Butter: (57 / 269) * 100 = 21%

Sugar: (149 / 269) *100 = 55%

Blueberries: (213 / 269) = 79 %

You will continue with all the ingredients, using the conversion sheet for teaspoons of ingredients. The sheet did not give information for salt. I just did a ¼ tsp for the final recipe.


I wanted to approx half the recipe. The original recipe calls for 2 ¼ c flour. I calculated for 1.5 c flour. This is 180 g of all purpose flour according to KAF. The new 100%

Use the percents and multiply by the new 100% to get grams!

Butter: (.21 * 180) = 37.8 g

Sugar: (.55 * 180) = 99 g

Blueberries: (.79 * 180) = 142 g


And continue on. Then, follow the recipe as listed! Not to bad! Kind of fun!


I used pam to grease my tins and then flour. It really worked well. I usually use Crisco or something but this was great and easy. Normally I don’t use liners. To cheap to buy them? To lazy to remember? Not sure.

Here is the link for the blueberry muffins that I used. Delicious!



The weather and windy, and rainy, and was snowy this morning in Beer City, USA

I work at the local gym. And I started training for a race that is over 100 days away. I’m basically living at the gym. Week 1 almost done! 

I love cooking, but sometimes it’s super great to have a meal already made for you! 


Did I hit everything? Good?

Hopefully you found this interesting! That’s about all the baking knowledge I have for you today. But, if you DO want to know about South Korean traditional views on medicine, how to position a child with cerebral palsy, or know about low pressure hydrocephalus, I can give you references for that!





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