Spicy Pickles!

I think exclamation points have become my new coffee.

If we have moved to one post a month, SO BE IT!

I remember those good ‘ol days, when I could post once a week because I wasn’t in the classroom.

Sadly, those days are gone until August.


Right now, I have been juggling exams, papers, homework, and editing my case report. Apparently I needed to read up a lot more on citing in AMA format because right now, trying to figure out if we should hyphenating words has been cramping my style and it may relate to AMA formatting?! I really have no idea.

The past two weeks I have been short on my ideas. Specifically the ideas for the kitchen. I just kind of buy vegetables and beans and come up with something throughout the week. Usually pizza – let’s be honest. Some good veggies were on sale this week, including asparagus. I figured I could make another orzo salad of some sort with roasted veggies. I decided on that, then bought everything to make more hummus because I was out of tahini – so I had to buy lemons and chick peas because WHY NOT?!


This is the smoothest hummus I have ever made! Really taking the time to whip the tahini and lemon juice together produced a fluffy spread!



I want to dedicate this to my high school best friend, Alicia, and her family. I never really ate pickles until we became friends. Boy, how my life has changed since I added pickles to my diet!

I am in week 10 out of 16 in training for my half marathon! I can’t believe I can run 9 miles without stopping. Last summer when I was training for a 10k, it was scary to run 4 miles. I did a 5 mile run yesterday and it was SO enjoyable! I never thought I would get to this place, but here I am!

So running, sweating, loosing salt…. PICKLES. I WAS CRAVING CRUNCHY SPICY AND SALTY!


My favorite are McClure pickles, the spicy ones! But at $8 a jar, it is easy to go broke. I decided to make my own pickles, or give it a shot. It was SUPER easy. You just have to wait at least 28.6 hours for the final product. The pickles tasted even better after 48 hours!


Hopefully this recipe is easy for you to follow, as well!


This recipe is geared for someone who has no canning experience or supplies!



PS. This is another recipe when I may have added more ingredients to my liking. I have ALWAYS encouraged you guys to taste and add and figure things out for yourselves as you go! That’s half the fun!


Spicy (but not too hot) pickles!


6 salad cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, just NOT greenhouse cukes or anything with wax!

½ small yellow onion, sliced

2 T kosher salt (apparently, don’t substitute with table salt!)


1 T sugar, scant

½ C distilled white vinegar

2 C water

2 T kosher salt, scant

1 T pickling spice

1 clove garlic, peeled and sliced

1 serrano pepper, sliced.

Freshly grated black pepper (YUM)

3-4, maybe 5 sprigs of dill!

(+) I added some jalapeno slices because I was afraid it wouldn’t be hot enough!


  1. Wash cukes, slice how you like. Cut onion, too!
  2. Put cokes and onion in a bowl, sprinkle with 2 T kosher salt and let sit for an hour or so to draw out some water. Drain and rinse! (I let mine sit for 45 minutes because that’s all the time I had)
  3. Whisk together sugar, water, vinegar, salt. This sounds weird, but taste the liquid at this stage. If it tastes like good pickle juice, then keep the ingredients the same! I MAY have added more salt or sugar or water at this step, but aim it to HOW YOU LIKE! I said scant because I DID put in less originally. May have added more!


I put my ingredients in a 7 C Pyrex bowl. I would recommend glass bowl because that what canned pickles come in!


  1. Put spice, garlic, pepper, black pepper, dill in the bowl where the pickles will be stored in.
  2. Add rinsed cukes and onion.
  3. Add juice. Mine didn’t fill the 7 C bowl, so I mixed together more water/vinegar/salt/sugar. TASTE the final liquid product? Does it taste good?!
  4. Let sit in fridge at least 48 hours!


Enjoy your Summer, y’all! I had my pickle with some tuna salad and pita bread on my way to pediatrics lab today. I also had another one after a run yesterday. Pickles are for any time. Bed time? Pickle time.

Please enjoy my mobile thumb. 


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